No cover art on 432EVO server

In have to empty the cache of Roon very often because after an hour or so Roon does not display cover art, especially when I run Tidal. After the restart cover art is displayed again.I increased the space for art and photo’s to 512mb, no success.
I am running Room 1.3.on an 432EVO server which uses vortexbox and Sqeezebox, the DSP of Room is disabled

Hey @Mike_Agsteribbe – I’ve moved your message over to the Support section.

Can you give us the full details of your setup? In particular, I’d be interested to know the remote device, storage setup, and details of your network.


Hi Mike,

Thanx for your reply. I think the problem is solved: my iPad was full of junkfiles. I cleaned it with Phoneclean, and after that I had all cover art back.
So it was not a problem of Roon but it was a local problem with my ipad. I noticed this that when I used myMac as a Roon remote there was no problem and that made it clear that it had to be some malfunctioning of my iPad.
Sorry for bothering you and thanx for your help.