No Display Problem

Can’t get a display on my PC monitor. I use this PC to control Roon from my office. The core is on a Nucleus streaming through a Raspberry PI with Ropieee. The display just shows the Roon name. Here’s a screen shot.

I tried it on Chrome and Edge no luck.

I’m guessing this is following the 880 upgrade as the port number has changed? Have you re-enabled the display from the playing area > volume icon > displays icon ?

Firewall issues maybe?

Did you upgrade the Roon software on this PC to build 880?

You’re right. Had to re-enable the display. Next problem is there are frequently no artist images displaying even though the artist image is in Roon. My guess is the display is pulling the artist images from Valence. If an artist has an image I added myself, it doesn’t display. Edit* - Well apparently I’m wrong. I’m currently playing Acoustic Alchemy which has several images in Valence and there is no artist image in the display. So maybe someone at Roon can explain exactly how this works so we can get it fixed.