No downmix of Quad / 4.0 to 2.0, only channel mapping, leaving out surround channels

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

It does not work on server pC (W11), which has an analog stereo out; it also does not work on my Google devices (wifi)

Connected Audio Devices

Amplifier connected to server pc vi analog stereo cable

Number of Tracks in Library

80503 tracks

Description of Issue

I have several quad albums in my library (Chicago - Quaudio, Dooby Brothers - Quaudio, Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon). I ripped these to 4-channel FLACS.
When playing on my intel NUC via HDMI as 4-channel everything is fine.
When I play the same tracks via stereo on my server pc, Roon is indicating channel mapping quad to 2.0, not down mixing. This is indeed what I am hearing, no surround channels

Hi, anyone from support able to reply?

Groetjes, Henk

Roon will not play 4 channel albums correctly no matter your settings, in my experience, and fixing it has been an outstanding support request for several years now. I solved the MCH playback problem independently by using the free PC-based Music Media Helper 6 (requires Microsoft .net 6 install as prerequisite). Within MMH, you can use the Remix Channel Layout function to, album by album (sorry, but you only have to do this once), add a silent center channel, turning your files into 5.0 versions that Roon will then play out as quad files just fine. Hopefully, doing this will also enable you to get a proper mix down to 2.0 as you seek. Give it a try with one album and see! JCR

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