No DSD play with RPi4 and Ropieee ver. 413

Every time I play DSD files, I only hear static (white) noise!
The problem is from the last weeks, before everything was perfect with Ropieeee.
What can be the problem?

typically it happens when you eg. adjust volume or do any processing in software before sending to the DAC

I think it has no relatie with chancing volume or any other processing.
If I play any PCM format everything is perfect, only chacing to DSD format results in static/white noise!

This also unrelated to the update as this is being handled by RAAT.
Have you tried restarting your core?

Hi Harry, I did restart my Core, no luck
I switched 12 weeks ago from my MacMini tot RPi4 with Ropieee and everything worked well.
Now (for some weeks I think) no DSD with RPi4 + Ropieee.
30 minutes ago I switched back to MacMini with Roon and everything is ok. PCM AND DSD!
Does this give any information for you?

What DAC is the RPi connected to and how is it connected?

My DAC is a Audiolab M-DAC+ is by USB connected to the RPi4 or MacMini.
With the MacMini = no problems, with the RPi4/Ropieee no DSD.

Can you send me feedback? You can find it on the ‘advanced’ tab.

identifier 9b2322e4c53c209a.

Hi Harry, this my feedback.


This feedback has the DAC disconnected (or disabled). Can you send me feedback with the DAC connected?


Nieuwe poging: identifier 073bf140b91747b2

He Frank,

I’ve just checked your logs. Nothing weird going on; Roon detects that the unit supports native DSD.
For the rest nothing in the chain has changed from my side: Linux kernel is still the same.

So I’m to a loss what could be wrong here. Have you checked all your DSP settings etc?
And what happens if you switch to DoP?


Yes I checked my DSP settings. Not even DoP is working on the RPi4
I have no clou myself. I checked everything. I first thought that my DAC was broken. But when I use my MacMini playing DSD is no problem.
Should I put a new Ropieee image on the microSD?

That the MacMini plays DSD does’nt say that much as the way they are controlled by the OS is totally different.

It does however tell you that your DAC is not broken.
I find it very strange that DoP isn’t working either… So with DoP you also have static noise?

Reflashing wouldn’t hurt of course, just to be sure.

RPi4/Ropiee playing DSD64 native = static/white noise: DAC detects DSD64 file.
RPi4/Ropiee playing DSD64 DoP = NO noise: DAC detects PCM 176kHz file.

@spockfish: Problem SOLVED!
New image flashed on microSD -> everything works. DSD = ok.
Very strange?!

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