No DSD upsampling/conversion for Stream Box S2 ultra?

Roon Core Machine

Innuos Zen Mk3 (latest firmware)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritzbox 4040 and Silent Angel Bonn N8 switch

Connected Audio Devices

Room 1: Linn Selekt DSM (streaming DAC/preamp)
Room 2: Pro-ject Stream Box S2 ultra → Denafrips Ares II (USB in)

Number of Tracks in Library

16k tracks

Description of Issue

The problem I have is with the sample rate converter in Roon
It works as expected with the Linn Selekt, meaning I can „custom“ convert PCM to DSD.
But when choosing the second listening zone the Stream Box S2 ultra with Denafrips Ares II DAC, this option is not available, I only can convert all input into PCM up to the units specifications, but both units are capable of DSD, So I would expect that option available, same as with the Linn.

Where is the error?

By the way, which Filter do you guys prefer?

Thanks in advance for helping me setting this up.

Hi @Dan_Rosen,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. In taking a quick look at the Denafrips Ares II DAC manual and related info I don’t see mention of PCM to DSD conversion functionality for that device. It does support DSD playback but I don’t see anything about conversion.

Try reaching to Denafrips support to see if that’s possible.

Thanks Jamie for the answer, but that wasn’t exactly what I asked for.
I want ROON to do the PCM to DSD conversion.
The Ares 2 DAC has simply to do the DSD to analog conversion.

So you’ve to take the correct settings in the Roon audio setup for DSD.
Native or DoP, depends on the Project Stream Box, but not more than DSD256 at max.

Thanks Burkhardt, that’s why I posted a screenshot to show that there is no DSD option to choose from.

In settings:audio:device setting did you set for DoP?

Within pro-jects stream box own set up the output is set to native DSD.
Within Roon there are no such options?

Advanced options do not show any additional option.

I’m not familiar with the stream box but I know I had to enable DoP in audio settings for another unit I had before I got the dsd option to show up in DSP Upsampling screen.

I may try that option even if it sounds counterintuitive. DoP is a solution to play DSD files converted into PCM for a DAC that otherwise is not able to play those files (pcm playback only).

No, DoP encouples DSD in PCM. There isn’t any converting into PCM.
I’ll think, that the Project is a Linuxbox, which don’t n know your DAC and so you must use PCM or DoP, but not native DSD.

In Roon you’ll set it like this:

It doesn’t matter if I choose native DSD or DoP in the stream box set up, the available options in ROON do not change.

This setting is for Roon to Stream Box communication - it doesn’t get used if the DAC is configured as PCM only in the Stream Box. So what are the settings for the DAC and volume control on the Stream Box?

PS: If in doubt what’s going on, a reboot of the Stream Box might help too.

Yes, on top of the Roon configuration there are general DSD play pack options as well, but it doesn’t matter what I choose, the available options in Roon stay the same :frowning:
Because Roon cannot identify my DAC? (Screenshot of post no.6)

Auto volume leveling (Automatisches Lautstärkeniveau Für DSD) is usually incompatible with DSD playback (implicit consent to PCM conversion).

Note: Roon uses the capabilities reported by connected devices as a base for options presented to users. If a reboot of devices doesn’t help and you think the settings on the Stream Box are okay, then it’s probably time to contact Pro-Ject support.

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Even if I set all settings to native DSD and I play back a DSD track roon converts it into PCM?! The same with DoP and restart.

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