(No Duplicate) Auralic Aries Mini Not Showing Up


I have been using Auralic Aries Mini with internal SSD. It has the firmware 5.6
My Roon Core is running on INTEL NUC. When I Settings > Audio, I can display my Auralic Aries Mini as “Living Room” with its IP ( under the Airplay. However it is not listed under “networked” section.

When I try to add Auralic Aries Mini under Folder > Add Folder, by typing its IP number, I am unable to have Roon identify Auralic Aries Mini as a networked device.

Few months ago, I used to use Macbook Air as roon core and everyting was running smoothly, that is Roon core used to display Auralic Aries Mini as a NAS under “network devices”.

When I checked the previous message threads, I saw people were able to display Auralic Mini when they upgraded it to 5.x

I have been a beta user for a long time now, so I don’t understand why it does not being displayed in Roon Core.


Have you set the Mini up to be Roon Ready? Put its IP address into your browser to access the web interface and check in ‘Streamer setup’ that Roon Ready is enabled.

I just confirmed that it is already selected as “Roon Ready”.

Hi again,

I just rechecked it and it worked fine. Though I did not understand how :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !