No easy way to merge files

It’s not easy to tell the version of the track if you want to merge them. I have 3 versions of an album with a different samplerates. I want to merge the tracks with the same samplerates. The tracks have the same names.


If you right click (or long press) on the track, the track information option is displayed at the top of the screen.

That should help you.

I’m in a similar (or quite possibly exactly the same) situation as @cas: I have both ALAC and MP3 files for some albums. Roon has merged these into one album, essentially duplicating the songs.

How do I separate these to two albums (duplicates of the same album)?

I tried looking at the track grouping page, but it has no information that could be used to separate the different formats from each other, so I wasn’t able to try it out to see if I could remove some songs and maybe somehow create a new album from the “orphans.”

Would it make a difference to Roon if the files were in separate directories?

No, it doesn’t help me because the tracks are in the different albums, They are 3 different samplerates versions of the same album and roon has splited them into different albums with 2-3 tracks. So I have 12 albums with the same cover and different set of tracks and I want to merge them back into 3. There is not easy way to tell which track is which if you try to merge them.

Yes, if it’s easy to move your lesser-fidelity versions of the albums into a new folder called (let’s say) Archival, and make sure that folder is not under the main folder you’re already having Roon watch, then you could choose not to watch Archival, thereby hiding all your less important duplicate albums.

This behavior could be caused (or not) by having different values in the album-title field. Also, moving your less important albums into another folder (not watched by Roon) might be a solution, as I outlined in the post above.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I’d prefer to have both versions available in Roon for the time being.

For some reason MP4 files (ALAC, AAC) are not playing back well for me: the playback often has gaps. This does not happen with FLAC or MP3 files.

Could be a poor setup on my part: Roon core running on a laptop over wifi, streaming to an Apple TV. That’s why I haven’t reported it here.

When the same album is available in my library from the NAS and from Tidal, it shows up as two different albums. The different bitrate versions of an album should be handled similarly.

In the mean time, I’d like to be able to select the MP3 version for playback. But maybe in the long run I’ll just improve the setup and clean up the library more. Waiting for Roon on Linux and iOS before changing things much. :smile:

[OS X 10.10.5 / FreeNAS 9.3 / Roon 1.0 (build 30) / 802.11n (2.4GHz, 20MHz)]

I don’t use the “watched folders” . I’ve made a new library on a new disk and let roon to managed the library and the files. I copy the new files into the same folder and let roon do the rest. For me the different samplerates files are just different and not lesser-fidelity versions of the albums. For example a different remastered versions of the “Kind of Blue” of Miles Davis.

I am cosidering trialling Roon so my suggestion here will (hopefully) provide a solution without using the Roon software to do the fix. There may be a way to do the fix within Roon.

Library software generally will group all tracks within an album if the “Album Title” tag is identical for those tracks. So to enable the Roon sotware to see the different sample rate albums as different you will need to change the Album Title tags (using a tag editor). For example :-

Album Title

Kind of Blue (ALAC)
Kind of Blue (mp3)
Kind of Blue (96/24)

will all allow library software to distinguish different versions of the album “Kind of Blue”. I should also mention that it will be easier to carry out this task when viewing the folders of the different versions of the same album where they are stored on the hard drive. Many tag tag editors will be able to alter the “Album Title” tag for all tracks within a folder at once, which can be very useful.

The Album Title are different
Kind of Blue
Kind of Blue [Remastered]
Kind of Blue [Mono]

Can’t guarantee it, but this might be the problem. Try making this a watched folder & see what happens (although it occurs to me that Roon may have already re-organized your subfolders in such a way that this fix won’t work). I believe Roon is disabling the managed folder capability in a future release.

Better yet, the forthcoming rev 1.1 with enhanced recognition & prioritization of existing customized meta (such as variations on album title you might have created outside of Roon) should solve your problem.

Yes, it is the case. roon works very quick :). I will better wait :slight_smile:
I can’t see any reason why the managed folder should be dismiss. They should be improve. It’s all.
I don’t want to Play with the files or Folders in the File Systems. I would like to create the virtual folders and queries in the application itself. I would like to define the root file folder where I copy\import my music files. It’s all.
What I NEED is the backup and recovery solution from roon for the roon database and the application itself (files, registry, etc)