No email associated with account

I havent used roon for a month. I just started up roon and received a message the Qobuz was not connected. I checked my settings and verified that i had the right email.
Wasnt sure about password so i requested a new password. Qobuz said i had a invalid password. Im being charged and I’m still getting music referral to my registered email account.
Why would my email not work with qobuz. And if i cant get this fixed how can i stop the auto payments if i cant log in?

Hi there.
This sounds like an issue you should really be taking up with Qobuz directly I believe.

Yes i understand. I have been trying to resolve this issue with qobuz but it seems that all my conversations are being handled by Bots. I get caned responses asking for information that have absolutely nothing to do with the issue. I have been asking them to verify if my email address associated with my account is valid.
I was hoping to hear from other users in different forums that pertain to qobuz if they had experienced an issue like this and if I can hopefully get leads to other avenues of help.

Got it.
Let’s see if it’s a common problem then.
And yes trying to deal with Qobuz customer service is an exercise in futility at times I’m sorry to say.

so qobuz has no customer service. I was able to work out the problem. turned out i had used an obscure email account way back when i first set the account up.

So you are all good now?

Yes. I think so. I still fighting to find out what qobuz account i have that is being charged.

Ok, well good luck!