No good New music. Prove me wrong!

Me too. Thanks to whomever for the rec.

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No good new music? There is plenty of good new music released every day. Ok. I’ll admit this one is already five days old but still very nice (to my taste at least)



The Hu was fascinating. I hadn’t heard this before. Thanks for posting!

For the record (pun intended), I’m trying to get to all of these, but the thread is running away on me and I’m missing a few. :slight_smile: Genuinely enjoying the process though. If I don’t listen to your posted album, hopefully someone else does.



About half way through it Nyquist. Good stuff. Moments of brilliance mixed with moments of noise (albeit interesting). I won’t add it to my collection, but it’s definitely worth the listen.

You should listen to his other albums as well, Nicolas Jaar is a brilliant electronic musician/producer imho

IMO, “Emily’s D+Evolution” is Esperanza Spalding’s best album yet, and that’s saying something.


My pleasure! Check out another single if you haven’t heard it…

Me too! Love this album! Bob Moses - Days Gone By (Never Enough Edition)
Thanks for posting it ‘Nugget’!

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I really do like this question. My heart says : indeed there is not so much ‘brilliant,’ music nowadays. But my mind does tell me otherwise ( when I do my best). It’s just a matter of statistics…

I understand from the by topic starter, that the requirement for being ‘new’ is : released after 2015.

That doesn’t need too much thought from me, it would certainly be this one. Very obscure, sorry. But some amazing writing. Delicate, harmonically rich and inventive, and great musicianship. Confusing you every few seconds, but still being a composition that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Wondering what be the next step will be. Each play will release you ( at least for 20 attempts) more of its harmonical richness and clever details :

The rest of the album is worthwhile too, although very very different. Too unique to say it is similar to something… But I had too say something… A but of Emerson Lake Palmer perhaps ? Doesn’t do justice though…

Mandolin Orange.

Albums Blindfaller, Such Jubilee and Tides of a Teardrop, all 2015 or newer.


Thanks H.Pesch. Pleasant, a little sad. But worth the listen!


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I think the OP is referring to my post in another thread. To be clear, I did not say that there is no good music, and that it is only possible to find good music by looking to the past.

I was responding to the suggestion by one of the Roon staff that anyone who not is actively seeking out new music is lazy and closed minded. My point was that all of the music being produced today could have been written at any time in the last 30 years, often the last 50 years.

Jazz in the 50s was revolutionary; so was German electronic music in the early 70s and punk in the late 70s; Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner all produced music of a kind that had never been heard on earth before.

But today it is the same old stuff. Dance music with big beats; bass, drums and guitar bands producing the same stale old rock n roll; hip hop with its simplistic music and posturing lyrics; ‘‘electronica’’ which has not progressed much beyond what Tangerine Dream were doing 40 years ago; jazz has morphed into aimless ECM style Nordic muzak; classical is either old fashioned, easy listening symphonies (Gorecki) or post-serialist traffic noises that Schoenberg could have knocked out in his sleep a century ago. It is all so boring. Where is the truly new music that reflects reality today and sounds completely different to the music of 20 years ago?

You don’t just invent a new music genre. As time goes on, it gets more and more difficult to come up with a truly innovative music style that makes sense to anyone but yourself. Personally, I like 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and some 70’s and 80’s, but not much since.

This simply is not true at all. There’s plenty of new music that is not the same old stuff.

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What does this mean?