No green led and WiFi stuck at scanning for Networks

Hi, I have 2 problems with my RoPieees:

  1. One of my RPi’s seems dead. No green led, no IP to be found. Any chance to bring it back alive?

  2. I reflashed a RoPieee, enabled WiFi and was able to select a WiFi profile, but after rebooting it is stuck on “Scan for Networks …”.
    The Edimax WiFi dongle led does not light up while it works on my Windows 10 laptop.
    Feedback ID 8e55d90772e0e8b.
    Does it need another reflash?

Hi Wim,

I’m afraid that the first RPi needs a reflash. If it does not come back after a power unplug/plug, it’s toasted.

Wrt to the dongle: that it works on Windows 10 doesn’t see anything about it working with RoPieee. RoPieee is based on Linux, which works totally different then Wndows.

Have you used this dongle before on a RoPieee?

Hi @spockfish,
Yes, I used the dongle on the toasted RoPieee with no issues.

Ok. Did not receive your feedback, so I can’t have a look.

I remember that the led on the Edimax is not working…

Reflashed again, blue LED on the Edimax WiFi dongle. All good.

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