No grouping of movements into works (Tidal, of course)

Here is an example of a problem I’ve seen fairly frequently on Tidal (whether through Roon or not). Movements of classical works are listed but not grouped into works, nor even identified as to work. So a disc could conceivably have 10 tracks, all identified as “Allegro” and nothing more!

What is particularly puzzling about this particular example is that when I go into the Edit Tracks screen, the information is there. It’s just not used by Roon, nor is it available at the main screens. Or maybe I’m just missing a feature I should be using?

(P.S. It would be useful if one could select and copy to the clipboard the product number as displayed in Roon.)

P.P.S. I’m beginning to think that the only way Tidal can ever be made right is if Roon buys it, then hires some actual librarians to work with crack programmers and straighten out the abysmal and ignorant Tidal metadata.

Hi @Mike-48. This situation is usually due to a lack of composer information at the track level (TIDAL does not provide this). So our strategy is to try and find an equivalent album from another metadata provider which does have this information.

We are currently figuring out ways of achieving both better equivalence within the sources that we have, but also using more composer hints from the metadata we have where we are confident that they are reliable.

We are also re-architecting our systems to allow more metadata sources to be added easily in the future, although this is a more long term project.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to do what we can to help you edit the metadata to your satisfaction.

Thanks, Joel. I am not sure what this has to do with the composer, but certainly it is lack of information provided by Tidal, which could as well apply to knowing who composed each track, as well as what it is part of. I’m glad to hear Roon is working to improve this. My #1 reason for using Roon is to improve on the information Tidal provides, so it’s a disappointment when Tidal can’t do it.