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This is a digital download of a recent boxed set from DG of works by Richard Strauss and featuring two orchestras conducted by Andris Nelsons. There are 93 tracks on the release (on 7 CDs in the CD release but in a different order). When I try to identify the release in Roon it gives three possible versions. One of these has all the correct tracks in order but Roon says 92 of them do not match and all I can do is SAVE as if they do match.

Looking at the track descriptions in Roon, they are correct but no grouping into compositions is showing. When I check for compositions in Roon only one of the many compositions on this release is listed, namely the single composition that is correctly matched by Roon as track 1. All the compositions in the remaining 92 tracks are missing in the composition view.

Any ideas how to force the identification to the correct release identified by Roon?

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Tried to but Roon won’t accept the match.

Is the album identified in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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I notice that the Qobuz version has all the correct composition grouping when I add it to my library.

Hi @support,

Any chance I can get some help from Roon Support on this issue, PLEASE. The Qobuz version of this album has full metadata and composition identification in Roon but my local library version with identical tracks cannot be identified by Roon to the same release as the Qobuz version is identified to. Any thoughts?

Hello @Timberwolf,

Thank you for getting in touch, we’re happy to take a look and offer suggestions.

It seems that the copy in your screenshot is using your local tags, rather than Roons. We don’t appear to have the digital download with complete metadata in our index, and the track order of the disc version is slightly different than that of the digital download.

We think if you were to edit the metadata in your files and add a space between the colon and the following character (see below) it would fix things up for you.

Please give that a try. Thanks!

Hi @jamie

I have edited the track metadata as you indicated, but no improvement. The album is a digital download purchased from Qobuz. When I try to get Roon to identify the album it offers three versions, one of which is the correct version and all 93 tracks match but Roon says 92 out of 93 don’t match. When I add the Qobuz streaming version to my library, it correctly shows that I have two versions - one Qobuz and one local (my purchased download). The track metadata is correct on the Qobuz version but still not correct on the local version - the Qobuz version has a composition metadata of 93 tracks and 19 compositions, while the local file has 93 tracks and 93 compositions. I attach screenshots.

Regards, Ian

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Hey @Timberwolf,

Please click the ellipsis button on the album page for your local version, then click Edit, and scroll down to Your files, then select to Rescan album.

Hi @jamie ,

I’ve tried this but no difference. For some reason Roon is not recognising that my local file matches exactly one of the three versions of this album that it found (described as a digital download), with 93 tracks in the right order and identical track durations. Here is a screenshot showing the attempt to identify the match. It is very strange. Any ideas?
Cheers, Ian

Yes, you have to match it yourself sometimes. Just choose the version that you think should match. The off times don’t really matter since the time used is the actual file.

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