No images at all

Roon Core Machine

i5 NUC.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys Velop.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Recently Roon instigated some sort if rescan of my library (?) and since then I have had absolutely no images either as album art, artist info or via Tidal. My setup has not changed.

It does not matter how I look at Roon via a Mac or iOS device. I have re started everything and am at a bit of a loss as to where to try next.

Thanks for helping in advance,

I tell a lie I have one image appearing

Looks like server isn’t communicating with the roon infrastructure. Have you rebooted everything.

I have. Also logged out and logged in again successfully.

It will search and play both streamed and stored content music wise…providing info text wise.

Did this include rebooting all the network equipment?

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Yes i have re booted the bt router the velop network, the switch that connects the nuc to the network and all the endpoints.

This is the state of play

I notice that your Tablet is still showing build 880 installed - I believe that it should be build 882, and I would expect to see the “You have the latest version installed” message as well.

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Correct - sorry about that.

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Other than reinstalling ROCK via the web admin interface, I’m out of ideas.

If you go this route as a precaution make sure you have at least two recent Roon backups.

Alternatively wait for Roon @support to comment.

Yes hopefully @support will be along shortly as it looks as if the people coming to see the new speakers i have built this Christmas are not going to be as impressed as I had hoped with all my praise i have been giving roon!

Hey @Trevor_Clapp, anything special to note about your network? Do you have any firewalls enabled or restricted network ports? And finally, do you have iCloud Private Relay enabled? If so, let me know if things improve if you disable it.

I have checked and firewalls are off on both the velop and the BT router.

My setup is a BT Hub which links to the main velop node. Off that main node i have a switch to which the nuc is connected together with a Phillips hue box and a yale alarm box.

The web interface

This shows 100% of the database available…is that a worry

Is the next step to reinstall the roon OS from the web interface ?

I will probably wait to do that until after christmas so we can have music , if not images, for the holiday.

Inhave the same problem on iphone12. No images. This happened after the last update.

Oh and i dont have private relay enabled

Can you try a different dns server?

Your logs show lots of DNS failures.

What exactly do i need to do to change the server. Probably a daft question !

I’m having the same problem, unfortunately.

I am glad it is not just me then.

DNS server set to and there appears to be no difference but i shall re start everything again tomorrow and see if that helps