No internal storage in new ROCK install

Hi - I’ve just done a new ROCK install on a NUC7i3BNH with a Samsung EVO850 250GB SSD. I updated the Bios to the latest OS Independent version. Everything seems to have gone fine and I can connect and play from Tidal. Except there is no internal storage showing up!

How can I get the local storage to show up so I can add my music files?

Do you have a second disk in the NUC?
The Disk you install rock on isn’t useable for music files.

Thanks @ged_hickman1 Don’t I feel silly now … I totally missed that in the instructions! Sort of annoying, as I only have about 55GB of music so the 250GB SSD would be more than enough for the OS, the database plus all my music …

We’ve all read the manual afterward mate!

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Bung an external usb drive on.

Or add a second drive inside. It could be a smaller one to be the OS drive, or a larger one to be the data drive.

Or plug in a 64GB usb thumb drive

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