No internet but want to set up bridge


I have a Roon account but live in a rural area where my only access to internet is through wifi hotspots like my phone.

I’m trying to set up a high powered gaming PC (7700k) as my core/server and a nice laptop as the control/bridge. To date, I have been successfully running the gaming PC as an all in one solution upconverting everything to a T+A DAC8DSD (DSD512). I have a nice router (but can’t hook up internet because none of these hotspots have Ethernet out.). the laptop (bridge) won’t recognize my sign in credentials. I’ve tried having the laptop wireless connected via the internet (hotspot) and through the wireless router (no internet). But can’t do both simultaneously.

Any ideas? Step by step directions on how to set up a core/server with a bridge/control and no internet?


Look at a fixed 4G solution like a TP Link MR200. Stick a data enabled SIM into it and share wired or wireless.

If you can see a wifi hotspot from your home then a wireless access point in client mode (you will need the correct login credentials and possibly a suitable external antenna) will connect to it and provide an ethernet connection for your router.