No Internet NO ROCK?

I have literally (completed on Sunday last) just migrated my Core from a Windows 10 desktop to a NUC 10i7 and ROCK , wow I think I’m in the big league .

On Thursday we had a mamma of a thunderstorm , everything unplugged and cozy and safe . No damage.

The problems started when I powered back up I had no internet. Apparently part of our Service Provider’s infrastructure took a lightening strike . Unfortunately not uncommon in our summer.

No problem thinks I , I have several thousand CD’s on my NUC’s Local drive , I can do without Tidal for a day or so.

How wrong was I , my ROCK/NUC wouldn’t boot, didn’t show as a core and I was left MARooned

Fast Forward 4 days when Internet was restored and guess what, the NUC fired up first time and behaves just like it did before.

I can understand license checking etc on some “frequency” but for a computer simply not to boot because it can’t see “Roon Mummy” is totally unacceptable. Is there anything else I missed , maybe unable to login to Tidal.

The only saving grace was that the 4Tb SSD inside the NUC was a copy of my previous Master , I had planned to make the NUC the Master but hadn’t got around to it yet . So I spent 4 days getting reacquainted with JRiver, no Tidal just my good old library.

Did I do something wrong as a newbie to ROCK

All the same NOT HAPPY

Don’t know what happened here, but a ROCK device will definently boot without internet acces, and allow you access to it’s web GUI.
You may run into licensing troubles sooner or later, but thats like 30 days away from last check-in or so.

That’s what I thought but I re-logged in as I migrated on Sunday 4 days before.

I did nothing to it but wait when the internet was restored the NUC booted normally

What other conclusion should I draw ?

The question about Roon with no internet has been asked before and the answer was just as you stated BUT that was not my experience. No one has declared the license check “frequency” that I know of .

All’s well that ends well :heart_eyes_cat:

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It’s not that clear cut, some people can run without Internet and some can’t. I can’t on my rock. I think it’s something to do with the router capabilities but it’s never fully been explored or explained.

Thanks , I’m glad I’m not having hallucinations , too many mushrooms :rofl:

My Router is a TP Link Archer C9 , nothing too fancy but has behaved perfectly for several years. Ethernet connected if that matters.

Maybe someone can investigate and comment @support

Roon seem unwilling to provide any advice on this area. The issue has been raised before and won’t go away.

It’s really down to how the router is setup and devices are configured for DNS. Most issues will come if your using a hardcoded fixed IP and hard coded DNS on the devices rather than the router handling this. Ideally your router is set to look at your ISP DNS servers or you can set then to be be another service such as Google or Cloudflare etc. The devices should use DHCP for ip address allocation and DNS queries which will be your routers up. If you have the devices DNS set to something others than your routers ip it will freak out as it won’t resolve any local queries as it’s looking for a DNS server which is only available with internet. Some routers Aso freak out to and won’t resolve local DNS when internet is down or stop assigning via DHCP. If find Rock is far more susceptible to DNS resolution issues than windows.

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The router is set for ISP DNS , nothing changed between uses , but obviously the DNS would be unavailable due to the outage

Hey Mike, what remote were you using to access the NUC/ROCK when this issue occurred?

I’ve had issues with my IPAD not working with ROON during power outages when the internet provider went down but my Windows 10 laptop remote did work just fine and I could play from my local library.

My NUC stayed up on backup power during the several days of rolling blackouts so I did not try to start from scratch. Maybe that is the difference.

Hi Mike , it was all remotes, the Windows 10 desktop that was the core, both iPads

It was an internet outage not a power outage. Also multiple restarts from cold, but just nothing. The NUC started to boot but never started , never showed on the network.

As soon as the internet was restored all went back to normal, it’s working fine now.

My guess (itis a guess) the core was trying to authenticate and failed . It didn’t start enough to see anything on a screen

While the NUC Core could not start up, did you try starting up the previous Windows Core and see if it had the same issue?

For your information: If I start local albums on two endpoints and remove the internet plug from the router, the music plays on, but on my ipad I loose control over both endpoints.

No , but in previous outages it worked if I recall