No Live Radio stations streaming

As of yesterday, all radio stations are showing the usual error pop-up and not streaming. Any ideas?

Has anything changed/updated in your setup?

Is this for all endpoints?

Do flac stations play? For instance 95bfm

What is your core running on?

If you’ve not done so yet, try rebooting your core.

Nothing changed.
All endpoints
All stations
Core running on an Intel NUC
Oh, and core and all endpoints rebooted

Library music playing fine

If flac stations don’t work, then not your codecs.

Rather than me shooting in the dark, I think we need @support to be involved who can check your logs.

@Andrew_Everard you should provide as much detail of your setup as possible. See the template at top of the support threads.

Bizarrely, all seems to have cleared this morning - nothing changed, but now working fine, thanks

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