No live radio with DSP

1.7 is an nearly perfect update. Qobus and music from my NAS are sounding good with DSP. Life Radio without DSP is working. But Life Radio with DSP ist not working. Most of the time just terrible noise. I don‘t want to switch DSP on and off all the time.



What DSP features are you referring to?

Note: Live Radio doesn’t contain Volume Levelling information. Make sure you have enough headroom if you use any EQ fefatures.

Convolution filter. It is not a headroom problem

Hi @VolkerS — We haven’t had any issues using convolution filters with Live Radio. Can you share the filter you’re using with us so we can take a look? You can share it using a shared Dropbox link or any other file sharing service link.

Thanks, @VolkerS — I’ve passed your link along to the technical team and they’re investigating. We’ll be sure to reach out once we have more info from them.

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