No local files visible to Roon

Roon Core Machine

i7 8th Gen Roon Recommended NUC running ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

D-Link enterprise switches on every floor of the house. Ethernet for most endpoints, Wifi for a couple of Sonos devices

Connected Audio Devices

Denafrips Terminator +
Lyngdorf 1120
Sonos Connect
Multiple Sonos Plays One

Number of Tracks in Library

137,044 All local

Description of Issue

Several times of the last few days playback will stop and Roon reports the files are missing. When I look at the home screen there are Zero Artists, Albums, Tracks. After some time the problem goes away but all 10K of my LOCAL tracks are now listed as added today

I’m not a streaming user at all. All my files are local and they just go missing. They are stored on a NAS on the same network. I can see the files in a Windows explorer and on the NAS’s software. So the files are visible on the network, however Roon cannot see them.

Very annoying to have all the albums listed as added today since I’m constantly adding new ripped CDs and use the recently added to find “new” to me music.

I should add that when I look at the storage location on Roon, all three that I have Standard, MP3 and HighRez all show as unavailable to Roon in red text. But as I said above I can see them on the network both in windows and NAS software.

For any non-Roon tech support people that read this I’m curious if you have had this problem since 2.0? I’m wondering if Roon related (seems so) or external to my home network. Home network has been Rock (pun intended) Solid for months/years.

As your issue seems to be with your music storage, sharing some details (where located, how connected, storage device details, storage configuration, OS version {the later mainly in the case you use a NAS for your library}) about it might be great.

I would think so if I could not browse the network and see the files in another systems. Since the files are visible to other computers on the network it appears to me to be isolated to Roon. Also when by NAS is powered down for things like a firmware update Roon will show Zero Artists/Albums/Tracks and storage not available in red text BUT when the NAS/Network is back up my Date added for 10,000+ Albums and 137,000+ tracks is the actual day I added them NOT today.

It is the fact that all albums are added today when Roon re-finds them that is most annoying. Its as if I’ve deleted my storage, made new shares, then pointed Roon to those new locations and deleted the library. Another thing that points to Roon is nothing has changed but 2.0 on my Roon ecosystem.

FWIW, QNAP NAS running RAID 1 with dual matching 10TB IronWolf drives. NAS to NUC/Rock about 1 foot cat-5 cable between them. I have a read only NAS account that is account Roon used to access the network shares when set up years ago. I don’t have to point Roon back to those shares or re-enter the PW for the account. They simply disappear for a while then come back but with added date of today.

Again every other device on my network can see the local files except Roon.

As for remote shares, all the information (including dates) clients have is sent to them from the share host (check dates on the NAS) the actual files are stored on. You should also check the NAS logs if you can find any suspicious entries for the time the library went missing in Roon (backup, RAID check/resync processes come to my mind here first). Finally, the issue you see might also be a first warning for a (soon to be completely) failing boot drive in your ROCK.

I’m talking about the date added as Roon reports the date you told it to scan the share for new content. If I have music files from two years ago but I don’t add them to Roon until today, Roon reports today as the day added. I’ve been adding music to Roon for 3+ years and I make use of that date.

Album on my NAS’s date

Album after Roon “lost” everything as reported on Home screen, Recent Activity

What are your Import Settings for Track import date?

Just went to play music at 6:02PM my time.

Whatever they are they are no different than they have been for the last 3 years. Probably whatever the default is. The bigger question is where is my music and why does it go away?

@connor Would it be possible to find out if anyone from support is monitoring this?


I might be experiencing this problem too .
My storage (2 tb ssd) is showing 0 and my library has 56000 deleted files. Seems Qobuz works fine.

Internal storage marked empty!

Have I done something wrong here with my support request? Please let me know what I need to do to get a response form support for my problem.

I made it a couple of days with all my albums/tracks/Artists saying added two days ago. This morning when I settled in for a long day of work at home I see this…and again can’t play any of my music.

Again all local. No Tiday/Qobuz.

What does settings → storage show?

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Right now it shows this (see below) because I’m back to having music available. Not sure what it shows when I have zero Artists/Albums/Tracks.

In my mind (bad thing perhaps) I have two problems:

  1. I keep losing all my music as far as Roon is concerned but I can still see it everywhere else on my network?

  2. when it fixes itself, why does it not have my original “added” dates? Its as if Rock thinks I just added everything on the the fixed day.

In the past I could have endpoints, NAS, Rock, etc. turned off or disconnected from network and UI showing no music (even from one of the 3 storage locations below) but when everything was back on the network the Dates Added were always correct. I’m guessing that is in the DB somewhere. It’s almost like the DB goes missing, NOT the NAS, so I don’t have any music…but still shows up on other, non-Roon devices with network access. Then when Roon comes back it has to scan all the storage locations and sets the import date as today.

Its happened at least 5 times since I opened this support ticket. Only once I’ve seen my music be beyond two days since Added.

What others see and what Roon sees is very different, so I wouldn’t use that as a very important metric other than to say 'it sometimes works" – but you already know that.

The real question is why it’s dropping off… are your NAS and your Roon Core machine both connected via ethernet?

Yes, everything except a few Sonos devices are hard wired. About a foot of cable between NAS and Core on same switch

Do the files on your NAS show the “old dates”?

is there any chance you have 2 different Roon Cores?

Old dates on files. Only one Core.

So any movement on this issue?

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