No local playback after upgrade to build 416

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Ubuntu server with roon 1.6 build 416
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Ubnt switch and APs

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Sonos and Rpi with HAT and a Oneplus 6 as a controller

After the upgrade to build 416 i have lost the possobility og using my Oneplus 6 phone as an endpoint.
I have tried to enable it under configure - audio, but there is no devices to enable. The same phone is my controller.
Am I missing and option, switch or?

Hi @Jens_Kjellerup,

Can you confirm that the OnePlus is also up to date?

Have you tried rebooting the OnePlus?

Hi Dylan.
I have tried to reboot the phone and it gets discovered.
If i leave the phone after just using it as a controller and it has been a sleep it is gone as an endpoint again.

I the need to use my iPad as a controller and i need to go into settings - setup and select configure Roon os devices for it to appear again.

The Oneplus is on latest Android version for it

It seems like if the phone leaves the Wifi network it is not discoverable as an endpoint any more when it comes online on the wifi again.
I am trying difference things to what gets the phone to be discovered - booting, running configure - audio, turning of and on Wifi.
I seems like if I boot the phone, start Roon controller/app and wait 2 - 3 minutes it gets discovered. Is then stays visible and selectable until the phone either has gone into deep sleep of has been of the Wifi for a couple of minutes.
Then it is gone until a reboot has ocurred.

Hi @Jens_Kjellerup,

Does the iPad you have experience this issue as well or is it just the OnePlus? Does re-installing the Roon app change anything? Is Multicast configured to properly pass traffic on your Router + Server?

– Noris

The situation is a bit strange.
Today i have had my phone on as a endpoint. It occurs if the phone has been on as a Roon controller for about 5 minutes.
If i keep the phone on it keeps working.
If the phone turns off/goes to sleep it disappears as an endpoint. Then it won’t come back on as a endpoint before it gets booted.
I cannot get the iPad to work as a endpoint no matter how long i have it turned on.

All other endpoints are up and running fine an the Ropiee get recognised as soon as it is booted - but the again it is on the wired network.
Maybee i should check the multicast settings between the wireless and the wired network.

Hi @Jens_Kjellerup,

I would definitely suggest checking out the Multicast settings to make sure that none of this type of traffic is blocked. This article may help with that. Is the behavior the same no matter which of your APs you are using?

– Noris

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