No local playback devices [Resolved - Win10 Firewall]

I am not seeing any local playback devices attached to the Roon Remote under the audio tab in Roon. Playback to a Sonicorbiter SE works, or to a local device attached to the Roon Server. Note that the OS in fact sees these local devices and playback does in fact work.

Interestingly, If the machine that runs the remote als acts as server, then the devices actually show up.

I am running the latest versions (1.3 build 223) of Roon Server on a SonicTransporter i5 and Roon Remote on an i7 16GB Windows 64 bit. The DAC is a Totaldac d1-dual attached via USB, either attached directly to the remote (doesn’t work) or attached to the Sonicorbiter SE (works).

I am somewhat new to Roon, but my understanding is Roon Remote is just that, a remote control. You can only have output on a roon-ready device, like your sonicorbitor or a Pi or a PC running Roon or RoonServer.

@Nepherte can you be more specific?

Your DAC is connected to an end point?

Under Settings -> Audio-> Do you see your endpoint listed? Did you enable it?

As explained above Roon Remote is just that a remote to control your roon server and could also play audio depending on your device ie: Abdroid/iOS/Phone/Tablet…

Hi @Nepherte ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us. May I kindly ask you to verify the following for me:

  1. Can you please provide the make, model, and specs of the Roon remote?

  2. My assumption to this question is going to be “no”, but in the interest of being thorough, can you confirm that you have no active firewalls or antivirus applications running on the Windows device?


Roon Server runs on the SonicTransporter i5.
Roon Remote 1 running on i7-4796 16GB RAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 64bit.
Roon Remote 2 running on Macbook Pro 13" macOS 10.12.
DAC is a Totaldac d1-dual.
Network is all wired gigabit passing via linksys switches and router.

Scenario 1
Totaldac attached to the SonicTransporter i5.
=> Playback to the Totaldac works just fine.

Scenario 2
Totaldac attached to the SonicOrbiter SE.
=> Playback to the Totaldac works just fine

Scenario 3
Totaldac attached to the i7 Windows 10 64bit.
=> Not listed as a playback device. Hence cannot play to it.

Scenario 4
Totaldac attached to the Macbook Pro 13".
=> Listed as playback device. Playback works fine.

Scenario 5
Roon Server and Roon Remote on i7 windows 10 64 bit.
=> Listed as playback device. Playback works fine.

I would expect that in Scenario 3 I can also see the Totaldac as a playback device.

The windows machine is running Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017. Firewall is just built-in windows firewall, which if I’m mistaken allows all connections by default. If i disable it, behavior is still the same. Notice that it is not just the totaldac it is not seeing, all other audio devices are also not there. Since scenario 5 works, I don’t immediately expect an issue with antivirus software

Hi @Nepherte ---- Can please leave the firewall disabled and also disable Bitdefender as well to confirm if this triggers a change in behavior?

This is all temporary of course as I have this same behaviors result from similar configuration in the past and would like to rule these variables out as the cause.


@Eric My hero! It was the Windows 10 Firewall. Disabling it made all playback devices local to the Roon Remote show up.

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Cool :slight_smile: Glad to hear it worked! Happy listening @Nepherte!