No Longer Able To Select Endpoint In Web Controller?

I have a few Pi endpoints around the house with 3.5" touchscreens running the Web Controller (1.2.13) extension. All has been good and they’re relatively stable, but I just completed another one and I noticed that I’m no longer able to select the appropriate Roon endpoint on any of the devices by clicking on the volume ico, it just shows one device. As best I can tell if it’s a device that’s been running for a while it will show the correct endpoint that the device is streaming, but the new device seems to have picked one at random and it’s not the right one.

Here’s a pic from the latest one I’m building, which is named “RoonKlipsch”, yet Web Controller is displaying what’s playing on another endpoint and I can’t change it. In the pic case, it’s chosen the “KEF [Direct]” and I can’t change it. Clicking on the volume icon should list all endpoints if I remember correctly.

Since neither Web Controller nor Extensions have rev’d in a while I’m assuming this is something that’s changed in one of the recent Roon releases? Or has it been so long since I’ve built one of these that I’ve forgotten how to change the endpoint in Web Controller?

This seems to have been fixed recently. Web controller streamers are now showing the entire endpoint list as expected.