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I have a Nucleus Plus on my network. My automatic and manual backup options no longer work. I have a shared folder on my iMac setup for this purpose. Sharing permission is in place. I tried to start over and add the location as a network share but keep getting a red error message that says “Unexpected Error”. Is this a problem others are encountering with latest Roon Update? Is there a Nucleus Plus update needed?

I have the latest versions of both systems - Roon version 2.0.

Thanks for any help.


The automatic backup function stopped in December with an error message saying “selected drive is full”. This is incorrect.

I’m not running Ventura operating system. Using Big Sur version 11.6.8.

Hey @Mark_Hickey,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to move through each thread. Following up on your issue, can you provide more information around your shared folder, and it’s current permissions?

If you create a brand new shared folder, does the same issue occur?

Are you still referring to your shared folder in this case, or do you have a separate external drive at play?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been busy with work and am not near my Core. I did finally get a shared folder to connect for manual backups. I need to go in and see if my automatic backups are happening, I’ll take a look and respond further.

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