No longer can a Windows remote be connected to a Mac library

It could be after the latest update a while ago that a win10 and a Mac with the latest osx may no longer connect to the other as a remote. Both may be used as the main library. In reciprokal, both machine are able to access the file system of the other machine, inter alias, the machines have identified each other on the network. The library machine is setup to allow for remote terminal. Enering the ip address directly is not helpful.

It is deeply annoying that Roon is unable to see a library on the main roon machine that really IS on the network. What would ever be the reason for this to happen?

Is it a cache problem? If so I suggest roon should regardless of cache be able to penetrate cache with a “ping” type of authentication to other machines, be able to refresh its list of ip addresses and do whatever it takes to penetrate non-seeing problems.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Carl-Henrik,

If the machines can see each other on the network then the next suspicion falls on any firewall. Disable any firewalls in Windows or OSX and see if you can connect. If so, then re-enable the firewall and configure Roon and RAATserver as allowed processes.

RAATserver is a new process introduced with the redesign of the audio system in Roon 1.2. Operating System firewalls usually generate a request for the user to permit or deny access to the new process. A number of users either didn’t get such a request or responded denying access without knowing that it was part of Roon.

Thanks, I shall try this and report, but I suggest it shall be absolutely mandatory that ROON is able to detect such a firewallrefusal , or any other problem, and report it to the user with a proper reason. In this case perhaps I was a bit extra unlucky due to the design change.

A notification to the user, or a red flag somewhere in the setting would have enabled me to solve the problem (most likely).