No Lossless from PC

I have used roon on my laptop, windows 7 64bit into my audio lab Q-DAC USB and i got lossless.
I then swapped the DAC over to my PC, again Windows 7, USB but now it only shows as high quality.
the laptop showed WASAPI the PC shows OS mixer.
What have I missed on my PC?

P.S. your software is stunning, really, I can’t believe how good it is/sounds


Have you enabled exclusive mode, in the Roon audio setup for the this DAC.

yip, exclusive and fixed volume.

also my windows tablet can’t connect to the pc as a remote but can connect to the laptop.

Hey @DonkeyKong – thanks so much.

Any chance you have Volume Leveling or Crossfading turned on? Having either turned on will preclude “lossless” playback.

Also, if you’re playing to your DAC and using Exclusive Mode, you’re not using the OS mixer right? What you’ll want to do is enable your DAC on the Audio tab of Settings, then select its zone from the zone selector, next to Volume.

Let me know if that helps, and we’ll take a deeper look if we need to. Thanks!

Ive fixed it now, thanks for the suggestions
i had the player set to system and not me Q-dac

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