No love, no version 1.8

4:05 PM Pacific in the San Francisco Bay Area. No iPad or iPhone App Store update for the remote app. No indication of update for my Roon Rock server.

Hey @Michael_Glish – when you look at Roon in the App Store, you’re not seeing 1.8?

What do you see when you go to Settings > About?

This is what happened. I read that you were supposed to update your remote apps (in my case, iOS) first, then your Core. All day I went to the Apple App Store. Nothing all day. Then I had a lightbulb come over my head: Open the app and see what happens.

I opened my iPad app and there was the update. It also looked at my Roon Rock server and implied that updating within the app would update the server as well. I pressed the App Store graphic and the Roon Rock message changed and said I was now at 1.8. I pressed again and was taken directly to the app update. I pressed “Update” and the iPad app was updated.

I’ve never initiated an app update from within an app like that.

I wish I would have your experience. I’ve been checking the App Store all day. Nothing. I turned to the forum, found this helpful message above, but when I opened my iOS app, this is what I got:

With respect to my iPad, It tells me I have the latest 1.7 version
With respect to the Core, it says an update is ready.
There is nothing about an update to the iOS app.

Well I’m not supposed to update without the app, so now what?

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