No Menubar Icon?


In another forum on AudioCircle I learned that Roon should have a Mac menubar icon. I don’t have that. Is there a specific setting to enable this, i can’t find any…

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Hi Marius,

The Roon Server icon will show in the menu bar, but not Roon.

Cheers, Greg

HI Greg,

Thanks for replying.
I understand where the Menubar is :wink:
Theres no Roon icon though…


But are you running Roon or RoonServer?

Sorry, I may not have been clear. The regular GUI version called Roon will not show in the menu bar.

The Roon Server version (no GUI) of the software will show in the bar.

So, as @dpstjp mentioned, which version are you running?

Cheers, Greg

O, sorry, I am running Roon with GUI. But it is the server…?

How can i run Roon without Gui? Or do you refer to the other package on


Roon with GUI can run as a Core (manages your library and does the audio processing) or it can installed to be run as a remote.

Roon Server is installed as a Core. Useful if you run a headless machine, a NAS, or have a machine with insufficient graphics capabilities.

Roon glossary.

If it’s working for you now, you can just leave it as is.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks a bunch,

Final question on this: If i shut the lid of my macbook, does it keep Roonserver running as a headless installation? (cant reach it now on my iPhone) or do i need to really install it as a headless server during setup?


That probably depends on what you have configured your laptop to do when the lid closes.

If your laptop goes into standby then I would not expect Roon or any other app to function.

Check power settings and configure nothing to shut down.

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