No more Auto Standby?

Hi guys. In the past when Roon finishes an album or playlist, or when I hit pause, Roon would put my Linn DS into standby mode after around 15 mins. It no longer does this and I can’t see how to enable this. Has this option been removed?

Still available:

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Yesterday I was looking for the volume limits and could not find them in the Device Setup. Today I found out that they moved, just like the Auto Standby that you are looking for.

If you click the volume button in the lower right corner and then the cog button then you get at the Zone settings. Auto Standby gives you the dialog shared by @Fernando_Pereira.

Knowing this, I find it strange that Auto Standby and Volume Limits are not in the Audio Settings. Would be handy if they were available besides the Device Setup.

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Thanks Guys. Found it. For some reason it was set at ‘Never’.