No more "Other versions"?

I seem to have lost the “other versions”-button when i have more than one version of an album?
It doesn’t bother me though, i’ll live happy without it.
(I have tried switching between “Show hidden versions” on and off)

And one other thing i noticed, the path display when selecting “View File Info” is now a lot more clear, as it only displays the path from Internal Storage downwards! Big improvement! :slight_smile:

Roon ROCK and control on iPad

Hmmm… Other versions are still present:

Note that these are local albums. The ‘Other versions’ behaviour for Tidal albums has changed I believe and is now present in the ‘three dots menu’ (‘View this album on TIDAL’ or similar verbiage).

This is strange? Yesterday I looked specifically at AC/DC - Who Made Who and there was no “Other Versions…”-button???
Today it is there, and the path display is still unnecessarily informative… :confused: