No more RAAT for Devialet...?

I looked at Devialet’s web site today. It seems they are no longer listing Roon RAAT in specifications, at least for the 220 amp. Roon AIR is still listed in a description of the CI board.
Any comment on this from Roon? Maybe @danny?


EDIT: RAAT is listed, but on a different page than expected - not under specifications.

just bad website design… they actually have an entire section for Roon Ready at and entire page dedicated to Roon Ready support at

We’ll mention it to them

It does seem to be somewhat hidden but I doubt that is intentional. The real question is when will they (will they?) release an update to address the gigabit ethernet problem when streaming high-res music. Now going on 18 months since the last update. Rumor has it that one is coming, but Devialet is painfully slow and non-communicative.

Personally, with my Devialet 250 C/I, and my speakers, I prefer Roon Air over Roon RAAT any day. In my system, RAAT sounds harsh, Air sounds musical and well balanced.

what is roon air?

It’s really Devialet Air, not Roon Air, I believe.

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I have a 250 CI and Roon RAAT and Roon via Devialet Air are indistinguishable.

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Yes, or Roon’s implementation of the Devialet AIR protocol. Roon uses AIR native code (as the only external party I know of) to stream to a Devialet amplifier over ethernet or wifi. Known to have better stability than Devialet’s own version. Roon RAAT is available on Devialet amps with the CI streamer board installed. AIR works with the older models too.

Well, I don’t doubt that some find the difference between Air and RAAT is indistinguishable . Undoubtably it is system specific. When I made my comparison and having established my preference, I ran a test with reliable listening friends and they all preferred Devialet Air. Obviously YMMV.

Devialet/Roon AIR does sound good (I won’t weigh in on whether it souns better than RAAT or not). But, RAAT allows you to sync zones with other RAAT endpoints for playback that are not Devialet. AIR can only sync with other Devialet. For me that’s important and why I far prefer RAAT.

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