No mouse wheel or key scroll on Roon for Android

Haven’t included details of my full Roon setup as this is just an issue/feature request relating to the Android app UI.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet which is a great control surface for the listening room and it is currently running Roon 1.8 build 795 on Android 11.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is also capable of being used in a laptop/desktop form factor with the Samsung Dex desktop environment which I regularly use, both with the Samsung Book Cover keyboard (which turns it into an ultra-portable laptop with trackpad) and a bluetooth mouse, and with a docking hub that connects monitors, a keyboard & mouse amongst other things.

Thing is, Roon is the only Android app I’ve come across so far that doesn’t seem to support scrolling with the mouse wheel which is a bit frustrating, having to reach to the tablet/touchscreen and use a finger or the S pen to scroll despite having a trackpad and/or mouse available.
I can scroll with the mouse wheel, Pg Up/Pg Dn keys and the cursor keys in the Spotify and Tidal Android apps and in Roon for Windows so it’d make sense to support this on the Roon for Android app also.
Hope Roon considers this as a feature for a future version.



You should really move the post to feature requests, as you said…

Couldn’t find a feature requests forum which is why I posted here. I’ll have a dig.

I’ve moved this topic to #roon:feature-requests.

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@Carl Thanks

I would also really like to see mouse-wheel scrolling implemented for a consistent experience switching between Windows & Chromebook/Android.
It’s mildly annoying switching between the two and finding the mouse controls don’t work on Chromebook/Tablet (and can’t see why this feature would be removed) - a Chromebook is so much easier and more versatile than booting up a PC just to listen to music (and Roon really needs keyboard entry to navigate at present, so a keyboard-less Tablet gets a bit clunky at times).