No MQA indication on ProJect S2 Dac

Roon Core Machine

I3 w10 with Roon
Music library into NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

S2 Ultra + S2 Dac under ethernet

Sq Duet / Sq Touch under wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After a little desert journey with some playback gaps I am really happy with Roon and my music

I use to say I listen to my music and not my stereo equipment but I can be quite exhaust to achieve best results available

Before start my question I can promise I have done no changes and also I have searched previous threats but no results.

As per signal path on Roon I am listening to a MQA file (from my local hard drive or from Tidal) but there is no indication about MQA on screen, as it was appearing until yesterday

I have found a simillar issue and the solution provided… I have tryed to set fixed volume but not working :frowning:

And also I am sure no changes done on my settings. Pro-Ject S2 has been always loaded with the default values provided by Roon

Thank you for your help

That’s the reason! Roon is not identifying the DAC (as it used to)

Is there any idea?

Many thanks

It’s been a while since I’ve tested the Pre Box S2 Digital. Have you tried with “Volume control” set to “Fixed volume”?

If you have Roon’s MQA core decoder enabled (under “Advanced”), you’ll see “MQB” on the display of the DAC if there is any DSP in the signal path. Otherwise, you should see “MQA.” when playing an MQA stream.

It would be helpful if you could share a screenshot of your signal path…especially if switching to “Fixed volume” does not help.

thank you for your interest

this is the signal path

and as I have explained the fixed volume does not change nothing

I see the ProJect S2 Dac is not recognized and I am pretty sure this is the issue but I do not have any clue why…

On the other hand as “unknown device” is working, so I am able to listen to music but no MQA (or MQB if process is not done by ROON)

Thanks for sharing the signal path. I see volume leveling, so Roon is doing the first unfold and sending the results, with MQA signaling preserved, down to the endpoint. As long as the Stream Box S2 Ultra is passing a bit-perfect stream to the DAC, you should see “MQB” on the DAC’s display. If not, the S2 Ultra must be doing some unwanted processing.

I’ve read of other people having problems with the S2 Ultra failing to pass a bit-perfect stream with certain firmware versions. You could try updating firmware or removing the S2 Utra from the signal path to see if the issue goes away.

Again, thank you for checking.

I have done a factory reset. Loaded all information regarding network and Tidal login information.

I have tested from S2 Ultra interface to play a MQA record from Tidal: success. MQA logo on the corner.

Then, I moved to Roon and played the same Tidal MQA record and then the MQB logo on the corner.

That’s good but I guess if it is OK this way or I should change some setup on Roon to get also the MQA logo.

Anyway, goods new, isn’t it?

Yes. “MQA” and “MQB” (or “OFS” / “ORFS”) provide an equivalent MQA experience. I actually think “MQB” may be slightly preferable since you have a nice division of labor between Roon Core and XMOS processing in the DAC.

MQA Core Decoding is processor-intensive, so it’s best to let the more powerful CPU in Roon Core handle that work. Less work done by the DAC may mean less demand on the DAC’s power supply, etc. On a well-designed DAC, this extra work won’t compromise sound quality, but there’s no downside to having Roon Core do part of the work, so why not? :slight_smile:

Don’t get hung up on having the “MQA logo” showing up on the DAC’s display. In the case of Roon, you may be better off without it!

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Thank you for all your kind support

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