No MQA Indicator On Tidal Albums

I looked for a thread on this but couldn’t find the exact situation I’m seeing. If I search Tidal (iPhone X) for “The Last Jedi”, two results are returned that are obviously the soundtrack. One is MQA, however there’s nothing that I can see identifying which.

Unfortunately that’s the state of play right now.

One workaround is to find the album using the Tidal app, and then favouriting … which Roon will then sync with.

Once added and confirmed I manually tag the album with “MQA” (and set the version field to “MQA”.

There are several threads here that touch on this subject. Currently in Roon the only way to see whether or not you have selected the MQA version is to highlight the Signal Path “dot”. If you are using the actual Tidal app you will see MQA albums are noted with the letter M in a square.

Thanks for the tips Carl and James. I actually saw those posts. . .my issue seemed more general in that I have no way to identify which album is MQA without actually playing a track.

Interestingly, Audirvana + displays an MQA indicator on the cover art so it’s easy to select which version of the album I might want to play.

Once you’ve identified an album as MQA, you can give it a custom “MQA” tag and/or edit the version field to say “MQA”. Just me speculating, but I hope that once Roon supports software decoding of MQA, there will be provision for easy identification of MQA material.

Thanks David.