No MQA light on Meridian 218

I used for some weeks my PC as Roon Core. The MQA light was always ok.
Now I use a Zenith Mk. 3 as Roon Core, the MQA light does not appear anymore.
I have set the crossfade to 0. What could be wrong?
Thanks for any help. Erich

Hi @Erich_Fluck,

Can you post a screenshot of Roon’s signal path when playing an MQA track to the 218.

Can you double check that the 218 zone in Roon reflects MQA capabilities of the 218.

Hi Carl
Thank you very mich for you hell.
Best Records, Erich

It looks correct so far … but the bottom section of the signal path is not show in the image… can you do same and then take a screenshot that details the final section of the signal path.

Hello @Erich_Fluck,

At this moment in time, MQA playback on the Meridian 218 requires sending a “bit-perfect” MQA audio stream to the device. Disabling Roon’s “Volume Leveling” feature (Volume -> Gears icon) should allow the 218 to Decode and Render MQA content again.

Meridian has announced their intention to ship a firmware update to the 218 with MQA Renderer only mode, so keep your eyes out for that.


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Hi Carl
Thanks a lot for your Information.
So I am waiting for Meridian’s update.
I still send 3 screenshots to you.
I do not unterstand.why everything worked ok until last Friday with my PC as core …
Best regards

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