No MQA renderer showed in signal path Dragonfly Black and Cobalt

Hi @support I have both a dragonfly black and the new cobalt. When playing MQA on either Roons signal path does not show the MQA renderer. Is there a reason for this? On both I see the Magenta colour that indicates it’s MQA.


Definitely not the signal path I see when playing to my DragonFly Red.

My Red is connected to a Pi 3B+ running RoPieee. I’m guessing that yours are connected to something running ROCK. If so is the ROCK device your core or an endpoint? I know people are using devices running ROCK as endpoints even though that was not Roon’s intention. I wonder if you are seeing a different signal path because of what ROCK reports or does not report?

Hopefully someone who knows for sure will chime in soon.


Im using rock as an endpoint. The Dragonfly is decoding it so very strange Roon is not reporting it. Plugged it in to core ROCK it shows up.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

Do the Device Setup tabs on both Headphones zone and DFC Core zone match each-other?
Is the behavior the same if you reboot your ROCK endpoint?

Device setup is indeed the same, However I did notice that on my playback ROCK it did not automatically apply the MQA settings, where it did on the core. I was going to try rebooting when I got home to see if that helps. I have switched out a few dacs of late so maybe its confused it. If that does not work will try a reinstall of the OS.

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@noris reboot sorted it. You can close this one, sorry should have done this before reporting it.

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