No MQA support in Roon ARC?

Loving ARC so far, but missing MQA. Is this coming later or am I missing something? Using my AudioQuest DragonFly which is MQA compatible and Roon Ready.

Roon ARC doesn’t support MQA unfolding, but MQA signalling is passed to the DAC.

ignorant question (and I do NOT want to get into a flame war about mqa that is not my intention!!):

given Roon Arc does not do MQA unfolding, if my DAC does not do MQA either (it’s a Chord Mojo), is there any sound quality penalty in playing a MQA version of a track on Roon Arc vs a non-MQA version?

I guess I don’t know enough about how MQA works (and honestly I don’t want to know) :wink:


Probably not. Don’t sweat it, and enjoy your music on the go.

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AH OK I think I just figured out why the sound doesn’t sound as good at least in my memory … on the go with Roon Arc I don’t have access to the DSP convolution filter that I use with my headphones :pensive:

Maybe a feature planned on the horizon?

It is planned.

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excellent !

Recent listening experience at home made it abundantly clear that MQA without full decode sounds like crap compared to FLAC.

Our path is Tidal → Naim streamer → McIntosh pre & amps

Naim doesn’t support the last unfold. It was stupid obvious that if you don’t have that in hardware you should avoid MQA entirely.

The problem I have now is going through and reversing all the albums where I favorited the MQA version and made it “primary.”

huh interesting. I will have to try this experiment…

Technically yes. But no need to flame over it as the flaming can be reserved for the debate (somewhere else) on if this is audible. But, technically, yes… let me explain…

MQA’d PCM “steals” some of the bits to encode the MQA. The bits stolen are then errors in the PCM compared to the lossless file. MQA does this in a very specific way to minimize the impact on the DAC. In fact, most DACs don’t have the “resolution” for properly resolving these bits anyway. This is the MQA argument that it’s “not audible”. However, the bits are still manipulated for MQA and therefore my opinion / answer is that technically, yes, there is a penalty.

a postscript about getting DSP: if I activate airplay on my MacBook Pro laptop (to make it an airplay receiver), and then set my iPhone output to airplay, then I can use SoundSource (a paid app) on my laptop to load up a headphone DSP profile and play the audio through my chord mojo (connected to the laptop via usb) :+1:

I would love to be able to run Roon Arc on the laptop itself and skip the iPhone

Still — pretty cool that I am streaming a lossless*-FLAC-rip-of-a-CD from a NUC in my basement at home, over the internet, to my iPhone, then to my laptop, then to my Mojo, to my headphones, into my ear. What a world.

  • edit — “high quality” not “lossless” according to Roon Arc, when outputting to airplay