No multiple libraries - but what about disabling certain storage for ONE profile?

Just began my Roon adventure today, and was wondering how I can leverage the profile created for my wife without “contaminating” our respective musical tastes.

So after reading a bit, I discovered that multiple libraries are not possible. However, when installing Roon on her Mac, I could see an option under Settings - Storage that lets you “disable” music folders (see below)

So can I do that with effect ONLY for her endpoint?

No you can’t because

“Music Folder” is just the standard music folder of the user your Roon Core is running under on the machine the core is running on. This has nothing to do with Roon installations used as clients on different machines and/or user accounts.

What if I add a SEPARATE folder in my core with her music only? Can I then disable the main one and enable only that separate folder?

You can have as many Folders in Storage as you want. You can enable and disable them as you wish. This is the place where you define what’s in your Roon Core’s global (available to all user profiles) library.

Then you, or better said she, can use a Focus on storage location to restrict the displayed library content to her music only.

Note: Obviously this works for local music only. No way to have/use separate streaming accounts AFAIK.

Hi @ricgf,

Local Storage is visible for all profiles and this is expected behavior, if you would like to see a change here, please submit a feature request, thanks!

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