No music from my bluesound node

Since a few days I can no longer play my music via Roon core. Roon charges nicely, however when I want to play music (I press play). I see the equalizer of the song but hear no music. Also, the track jumps to the next track after 15 seconds!! Help. I can hear music from my computer (other source), strange!!??
What have I already done? Router restarted, Qobuz logged out and logged in again (connected). Cache memory deleted.
The problem occurs every time I want to start Roon.

Core = Lenovo Thinkpad E560 with Windows 10
Router Experiabox V10 - connected via UTP with internal cable to my Bluesound Node 130 with UTP.
Naim XS3 - Bluesound Node 130 powered by Fidelity Audio - Plenar 6 -
1615 albums with 22692 songs


The problem is solved! I unplugged the bluesound power supply and plugged it back in. I can enjoy the music again.

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