No Music No Player

Hi Guys,
We have roon on a customers Windows Server, 64 bit, and this worked more than half a year now. Since yesterday roon does not find any music and no audio device. We reseted roon on the iPAD and on the Server without success.
When I use my own account on this Server, I see all music on the iPAD, but also no audio devices to select.
With our roon in the same network we see huge of them. What is the problem?

Did you recently get a Windows update? Can you explain more about your audio setup?

Hi Danny,
it is a RIPNAS Windows Server 2011 with i7 core. Automatic windows upgrade was switched off.
Audio device was a Devialet Amp.
We have the RIPNAS in our store at the moment.

Did the customer login/logout and/or switch accounts? The Roon database is keyed per login account.

Visit Sidebar -> Settings -> Storage and make sure your storage location(s) are set up properly and that the music is at those location(s).

Visit Sidebar -> Settings -> Audio – can the Devialet be seen? Is the Devialet on and connected to the same network as your Roon Core?

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