No Network devices anymore in Audio-Section

Hi there,

I do not see anymore any network device in my audio section.

I´m missing my Sonos-Devices and my Apple-TV. In the past, I´ve seen them.

Sonos core is installed on a Synnology DS918+, using 6.2.4 OS.

Is there any idea ?


Hi @Christoph_Gobel and welcome to the forum.

Make sure that vSwitch is not active on the NAS. Read also


Additionally if needed: Power cycle all devices in question and in between, including the NAS, output devices, network switches, bridges repeaters, routers and so on.

If it’s still not working please add more details about your (network) setup, what troubleshooting steps you’ve already done and if they changed anything (even if only temporary).

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Hi BlackJack,

perfect job !

Open VSwitch was the problem. It has been installed with the the installation of “Virtual Machine Manager”.

The deinstallation of the “Virtual Machine Manager” on the NAS was not enough, it has also to be switched off in the network settings of the NIC.

Thanks for the great support

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