No Networked Audio Devices Found

I suddenly have this problem too. No Networked devices found.
Core on Macbook Pro. Library on QNAP.
Several Linn DS players on network.
Don’t use Roon that often, but it all worked fine until a month or so ago.
All Roon and Linn software is latest.


Hello @T_Ger,

I have split your post as to provide better personalized assistance here. I have a few questions starting off:

  • Have you tried rebooting your Macbook and Networking gear yet? I would reboot everything just to make sure that it’s in a fresh state.
  • Can you please confirm that you have added Roon as an exception to your Mac OSX Firewall?
  • Do you have any other antivirus software installed on the Mac? If so can you please try disabling that software?
  • How is your Macbook connected to the internet? Are you using WiFi or Ethernet?
  • If you are connected via WiFi, can you please temporarily try connecting your Macbook via Ethernet to your router and let me know if the same issue still occurs?
  • What is your model/manufacturer for the Router and any other networking gear you have?

Please let me know the above when possible.


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