No outputs on Windows 10 Remote [solved]

I have a simple setup with Roon Core in the living room on an All-in-one and a Remote desktop PC in my “study”. Both run Windows 10.
The remote PC has speakers connected to the regular analog motherboard audio port.
After upgrading everything to v1.2, I don’t see these direct connected speakers anymore on my Remote. Attaching screen shots taken on the remote.

Hey @GeorgeSmiley – can you try disabling the Windows firewall on your Remote PC and seeing if that helps?

If it doesn’t, try doing the same on the All-In-One as well, and see if you have any change.

We don’t want you to run without the firewall long term, but this will tell us whether firewall settings are the problem here. Let me know how it goes and we’ll get this sorted for you.


I am getting this problem too since the upgrade to 1.2.
A second Windows 10 PC set up as a remote with its own speakers/headphones will not allow me to select that PC’s device to play music… it does actually allow me to play music to other endpoints.

Ok, try disabling firewalls and let me know if that helps here @jayrammusic – if not, we’ll take a deeper look.

Not sure how or why but the install/upgrade to 1.2 seemed to change my network setting to public - can’t think why, but must have done it myself somehow.

Swapped back to private network and then allowed Roon through it when the dialogue asked and now all is ok.

Both Roon and its installer runs without admin privileges (this lets Roon be installed in more corporate/secured environments)–I don’t think we are capable of setting that setting.

Disabling the firewall (first on only remote, then on both) did not help. But, what did help was that oldest of cures, a reboot on both machines. I did that with the firewalls still off - but that may have nothing to do with it. After rebooting I turned both Windows firewalls back on and Roon on the Remote machine still happily finds the “Connected to this PC” devices.

Thanks again,

Glad you’re up and running. I have a feeling that this might come back. If it does, let us know and we’ll look deeper.

Yeah - not sure what happened.
All ok now though. The same PC was fine before 1.2 upgrade and now it’s ok again with 1.2 after I switched back to private network and allowed Roon through the firewall