No playback control with Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Remote


I just received my new Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital. The DAC and digital preamp works great, MQA gets decoded flawlessly. Unfortunately the back, play/pause and next buttons on its remote don’t get passed through to Roon.

How can I fix that?

I also got my Pre Box S2 today, but for me this worked with no tweaking. Just installed the drivers (v 1.6.1 if I recall correctly), and connected with USB to computer. You might need to run it in exclusive mode though.

SW version on my S2 is 2.10

Edit: not sure if it matters, but I have my S2 connected with USB3 and using an USB3 cable

I tried it both on my Mac Mini Roon Core and Raspi/DietPi Roon Bridge. Both don’t do anything with the playback controls. There are no driver for Mac/Linux afaik. Any more ideas?

I’m on a Windows PC, but maybe @brian can help. Perhaps its only supported on Windows.

The way this works is–the device emulates a keyboard pressing media keys. Then if the Roon UI is in a position to receive those keys, it does.

It’s kind of a hack. With no UI on Roon Bridge, there’s no way for it to get the fake keystrokes. On Windows, I’m presuming @magnus has things situated so those keystrokes end up at Roon, which processes them. I believe that the Roon UI on a Mac might process them too, but not 100% sure.

I haven’t done anything to get this to work, and didn’t know about this feature until I tried it. It works even when Roon is minimized and another window active. But I do run Roon on a single computer (PC with Windows), with the dac connected directly to the computer USB.

I installed the tool MagicKeys on my Mac. Now pressing Play starts Roon or plays a song if it already runs. Prior the play button was hardwired to itunes. However, next and preview still don’t work. If anyone has some tips on the Mac, I really would appreciate them.

Ok - so me creating a keymap file and running it through loadkeys isn’t going to hack it… Roon Bridge isn’t going to do anything with the keystrokes?

Correct. I’ve made a note to take a look and see if we could do something here. Would be really neat to have this slowly growing family of devices do the right thing.


Looking forward to it. :wink:

Hello, how exactly did you configure your Mac and the Pro Box S2 to work with Roon and Magic Keys? I have a MacBook Pro and I am unable to get any music to play by running a USB from my MacBook Pro to the Pro Box S2 which is hooked up to a Cambridge receiver. Any help would be great! Carl.

If I recall it right I added Magic Keys to the Pref Pane. To do so, I had to go to security pane and allow any application to run. After the installation you can take this setting back. All other config happens in the Magic Keys Perf Pane. Magic Keys only works with the full Installation of Roon and if it is already open. Hope this helps, anyhow it could be different, since macos has been updated.