NO portrait-mode on my iPad Air2 (iOS 12.2) and iPad Air (iOS 12.1.1)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacMini OS el capitan, roon 1.6

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

UPC cablecom router, ethernet and WIFI

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/ect.)

AVM audio with USB
iPad Air2 (iOS 12.2) and iPad Air (iOS 12.1.1)

Description Of Issue

i‘m using roon just since some days (test) and like it very much.
i can‘t use the portrait-mode on my iPad Air2 (iOS 12.2) and iPad Air (iOS 12.1.1).
it just works with landscape-modus, which is very uncomfortable to handle.

when i‘m starting roon, i can see the roon-logo correct in portrait-mode, but then it changes to the landscape-mode and there’s no way to change it back to portrait-mode.

i read in the forum, that this problem should be solve with roon 1.6.
but i have the newest version roon 1.6 installed!

what can i do?

This isn’t seen as a problem that needs fixing and is by design. Landscape is only supported on the bigger iPads such as the 12.9 2018 model.

It may come to other iPads as a feature but it isn’t a Roon problem.

Hi @Urs_Klauser,

At this time portrait mode is not supported for this device. Apologies for the inconvenience here!

thanks for your quick answer.
but i can‘t understand, that this issue should be NO
problem for roon.

for me it IS a problem and the crucial question, will I subscribe roon or not?

it IS very annoying, if you have to change each time the direction of the iPad, when you‘re switching from on app to another (i’m useing ALL my apps in the portrait mode).

I hardly think this would be a big effort to solve this problem - on my iPhone works roon perfectly in portrait-mode!

i don’t think that roon’s great design will get any worse in portrait-mode and and i‘m sure, i‘m NOT the only one out there who’s annoyed about this restriction …


I’d recommend an iPad Pro.
You get portrait mode with Roon, and a larger display that makes the whole experience much more enjoyable :grinning:

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too expensive and i already own 2 iPads Air that still works perfectly (exept of roons portrait mode …).
but what‘s about the NEW iPad Air?
does it support portrait mode?

I too find this an annoying limitation of Roon on iPad. The problem is when I’m multitasking between apps, say surfing / email and listening music. Holding the iPad with one hand in landscape is terrible! I need the other hand for typing. So now every time I just want to skip a song / change volume, I have to rotate iPad. Really easy to fix, and really necessary once the iPad is not only a Roon UI.

It is also annoying that there is no way to linking volume with system volume buttons, although with this I can at at least understand the multi zone complication.

I started to try out Roon, and its basically a very good place to integrate all my music sources. However, my major interface for music control is a wall-mounted iPad Pro 9,7 inch, in Portrait Mode. Its really bad to not be able to use the Roon App from there due to the not-supported Portrait mode on that device. Any chance to get that supported in future releases?

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