No Qobuz favourites for 48 hours in library

ROCK v 1.8 build 814;

Sagem Router connected by Ethernet to NUC
End point NAIM Nova connected by Ethernet.

1200 local albums
Circa 8k albums 100k tracks from Qobuz

Problem: All Qobuz favourites disappeared from library 2 days ago in two stages. Some tracks still in play lists and will play. All favourites present on Qobuz. New favourites will add. Similar issue to the synchronisation issue experienced by many in June including me.

Matter raised with Qobuz who have apparently referred to you.

Thanks for the feedback, @ian_mcloughlin. We are looking into this! I’m going to follow up with a PM.

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Hi @ian_mcloughlin

We’ll keep everyone updated here moving forward: