No qobuz since 918

Hi all,

I am not getting qobuz since the 918 upgrade on my 10 intel nuc box. I have rebooted the box, restarted roon server and all endpoints - all have been upgraded. But no qobuz.

I have also disconnected qobuz in the settings re connected but still nothing. Roon says it has connected, I can see all the qobuz info and albums, but when I try and play it just sits and the blue horizontal bar is forever “seeking” or moving.

Nothing - even roon radio is now only playing my local music.

The qobuz app, by itself, still plays - but no streaming in roon.

Any ideas or suggestions?



Unlink your account and then try and add it again and see if that helps. Also stop Roon and delete the cache this often helps for reasons unknown.

Fixed now. It was my vpn. For some reason the vpn on my roon server was pointing to Japan (and qobuz isn’t available there). Changed the vpn to my normal country of operations and Lo and behold it worked.

So frustrating. No idea how the vpn switched to Japan though.

So one other tip to add to the analysis list - check your vpn.