No recommendations in Tidal?

I just signed up for Tidal and while I like the integration with Roon I was shocked to see that there are no personal recommendations? I thought I saw a screenshot with My Recommendations section but I guess that was an older version of Tidal. One of the main of not the only reason why I finally signed up for a music subscription service was to make it easier for me to learn about new music. Well this makes me rethink my subscription now. Sigh…

Check out every Friday for new releases. They also have an Editor’s Choice section where older, underrrated albums are discussed.

On this Forum there are threads for What Are You Listening To Now? And Favorite Album.

Sometimes all it takes is another Roon subscriber mentioning an album in a troubleshooting post and you’ll be off to discover it for yourself.

Earlier today someone on this forum mentioned Blackie & The Rodeo Kings. I listened and was reminded of a group I heard and liked a few years back called Sons Of Bill. Tidal is wonderful for those of us with short attentions spans. :sunglasses:

Thank you but is that Recommended tab really recommended base on my favorites, etc or is it one of those recommended by Tidal in general (like editor’s picks)? In looking at the contents of Recommended in my Tidal screen I do not think its based on my preferences.

Mine seems to be based on my favourites in Tidal - but I’m sure its accuracy depends on how many ‘favourites’ you have: the more favourites you have, the more accurate it’s likely to be.

I have almost 500 albums Favorited in Tidal. I am pretty sure Tidal has not used them to extrapolate any recommendations for me.

In Roon on the Artists screen there are “Similar To” listed at the bottom if you scroll down.

Hi. I think such a feature has been implemented in the Tidal app. In Home in the app new albums are suggested based on the library. I hope that this is integrated in Roon soon. I missed this since I left Google Music.

This can’t be true.
The albums in the new section on the Tidal homepage have nothing in common with my library (~800 albums in Tidal). Really nothing! Mostly hip hop and rap in news section and I have not a single hip hop or rap album in my library.
And there are a lot of new albums from artists in my library, but these never appear in the news section of Tidal.

It is true. I can say this for the german version of the Tidal app. Now there is the known “New albums” and the new “New albums, you’ld like”. (translated by me, I don’t know the exact label in english. The same exist for titles.

Hmm, in the English version of the app, this seems to be the “Staff Picks”. That’s their choice of music, and it certainly ain’t mine…

This mentioned function is gone now in my app. :frowning: