No roon-playback via PC after reinstall of OS

Short history:
First I tried the Roon Server on my PC, then I changed to Roon Rock on a NUC. I was able to choose music from my Rock Server via Roon software on my PC and send it to the PC-linked (USB …) RME-ADI-2 Pro.

When I changed mainboard and CPU, I had to reinstall Windows 10. Now I can only see the audio devices linked to my NUC (Roon Rock) but not the RME ADI-2 or any other audio device in or linked to my PC.

I hope I managed to explain my problem and you can help me,


Hi @Helmut_Woehrer,

If you temporarily disable the firewall on your Windows machine do the devices show up? If so you’ll need to place exceptions in the firewall for Roon and RAATServer and things should work for you.

Hi Dylan,
many thanks for your response. I disabled the firewall, but no change.

If u go to “manage audio devices” you will find “devices are conneted to your Core directly” and “located on your network”. The Core is located extern on the NUC and the RME is not in my network.

But former I was able to listen to the Roon-library on the RME ADI-2 (connected by an USB-cable) thx to his (the computer’s) history as Roon Server?! I think, installing a Roon Server on my PC would change the game, but I’m afraid of making a mistake …

You re-installed the PC. Did you happen to load Realtek drivers? If so, try uninstalling those drivers as well as set any Nahemic services to Manual Start.

Which Roon product have you installed on the PC after the reinstall of Windows?

Hi Rugby!

No, no Realtek drivers, but Asus for my Asus Essence STX II and MADIface for my RME. Look at my reply to BlackJack, I managed to get a connection to my RME ADI-2 and thank you, Rugby!

Hi BlackJack,

I first installed the Roon Bridge, but I got not the Roon window. Next I tried the 64bit Roon installer. I got the window, could choose the Core but not the audio devices in or linked to my PC.

Yesterday late I started Roon64 (only Core-audio chooseable), then I started the bridge (without quitting the other Roon product and in “manage audio devices” my PC-aucio-devices appeared!!!

Now I have Roon bridge starting at startup of Windows 10 and I start Roon, if I want listen to music. A workaround that is ok for me, but is it necessary???

Thank you for all your help, Helmut

I leave it to others to answer that question as I don’t know.

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