No Signal is passing through my DAC [Resolved]

I’m new to Roon and can’t get any audio to play through my DAC and onto my stereo…

I have an Ayre QB9 DSD that is connected to a MicroRendu which is connected by ethernet to a Router which is connected to my PC, and the PC is running Roon. The mR sees the Ayre and the Ayre sees the computer. Roon lists the mR but does not list the Ayre. I’ve searched through the “help” guides to no avail. I’m sure the issue is a Roon set-up step that I missed, but that is a guess. Any thoughts. Please remember I’m new to Roon so dumb your responses down. THX

Problem fixed.

Maybe you can dumb the fix up a bit :stuck_out_tongue: so others might benefit who follow in your footsteps :smiley: