No Sonos after Linux server upgrade to 1.8 build846

Roon Core Machine

VM running Ubuntu 18.04 with 4 Mb ram, 2 CPU cores

Networking Gear & Setup Details

simple network with router and one UBNT 8 port switch and one UBNT AP. Every cabled device is connected to the switch.
Sonos devices are 1 bridge and one ZP120 connected through cable to the switch. One Play 3 through Sonos wireless through Sonos bridge .
I have a Ropieee frontend connected via Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

1 Ropieee via Wifi - working
1 Sonos bridge cabled
1 Sonos ZP 120 cables
1 Sonos play 3 Sonos wireless

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After the new 1.8 build 846 upgrade of the Roon core i have lost connection to all Sonos devices.
I have tried to assign new IP adresses to my sonos devices but that didn’t help - they are still not appearing in Roon.
My Ropieee endpoint play just fine

Basic but have you tried restarting all of your equipment?

yes - everything have been restartet. My Roon server is automatically closed down every weekday at 02.00 and powered up at 07.00.
Ropiees is only powered up when i use my livingroom setup aka a couple of hours every day
Sonos zones and bridges have been powered up and down several times - and assigned new IP addresses.
I can se my mobile phone as a endpoint and the Ropieee under Setup, Audio but none of the Sonos devices.

I have traversed the Roon server installation and under /var/roon/RoonServer/Database/Registry/Core i find a lot of files among these I find 6 files named


I guess that this is the internal indentifier of each of my 6 Sonos zones.

If I cat the content of the /var/roon/RoonServer/Logs/RoonServer_log.txt I se a lot of logging about memory and my remote and the Ropieee but nothing about any Sonos device.

I am about delete my database to se if a recreated database would fix the problem. Any opinion?

i stopped the Roon server proces, renamed the /var/roon/RoonServer database and started the roonserver proces. I started anew.

Roon finds my Chromecast, My Ropieee, my Linux desktop and my Android phone as endpoints - but it does not find any of my Sonos units.
There must be something wrong with the new servers ability to discover and connect to Sonos units

My Sonos system have been running Roon for the last 4 - 5 years and haven’t been updated.
The problem was apparently that the Sonos zones was out of date and not properly connected.

I did a reset to factory with each unit and reconnected them with the Sonos S1 app. I had do several reconnects and updates of each unit. It took some time getting through 1 bridge, 1 Play3, 1 ZP120 and 4 ZP100’s.

Now they all appear in the Roon controller, so problem solved.

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